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Is Melamine Safe?

Yes, Dalebrook Premium Melamine serveware and dinnerware is safe for everyday use.

All Dalebrook Melamine products comply with EU directives that ensure products are safe for use in a food service environment. Dalebrook’s products are made from 100% food safe Melamine and we regularly test them to prove it, that is why our name is embossed on the bottom of every product we manufacture and is traceable to source. You will not find any Urea or fillers in Dalebrook’s products.

Is Melamine Dishwasher Safe?

Yes, Dalebrook’s Premium Melamine can withstand the pressures of daily cleaning by commercial dishwashers. Melamine’s excellent heat retaining and insulating properties means that products dries faster than traditional serveware or dinnerware.

We do however, recommend hand washing your products to ensure they remain in the best condition throughout their lifespan. When using a dishwasher, avoid the use of harsh chemicals, chlorine-based detergents and bleach.


Is Melamine Microwave Safe?

No, melamine is not suitable for use with direct heat, microwave or oven use and must not be heated while in contact with food.

All Dalebrook Premium Melamine products show a “Do Not Microwave” symbol on our product care symbols.

Is Melamine Breakable?

Yes, Dalebrook Premium Melamine serveware and dinnerware is safe for everyday use.

Dalebrook premium Melamine is strong, highly break and scratch resistant. It will not chip or shatter like traditional porcelain or china, however, it is not 100% unbreakable and can be scratched if used with serrated knives or abrasive cleaning chemicals.

Because of Melamine’s superior appearance, quality and life span, it is a trusted and cost-effective alternative to traditional crockery in food service environments.


Is Melamine Tolerant to Hot and Cold Uses?

100% melamine has better temperature retention than ceramics and tempered glass and can withstand food and drink temperatures from -20°C to 120°C (-4°F to 248°F). Melamine is a great insulator and remains cool to the touch, even when hot food is dished into it.