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At last, Dalebrook brings you OMNI, a revolutionary, meaningful, designed for purpose, melamine dinnerware range.

Created in response to a real demand identified by our customers who are unable to source a suitable dinnerware range for the healthcare sector.

Our in-house design team have worked with hospitals, care homes, carers and dementia sufferers to create a fit-for-purpose healthcare dinnerware range that generates a positive dining experience.


Sturdy, durable and virtually unbreakable, OMNI premium melamine dinnerware and drinking aids promote equality, maintain dignity, encourage independence, and well being.

With discreet features designed to empower those who have difficulty in using traditional porcelain crockery or fine china, OMNI can be used by anyone, anywhere with confidence.

OMNI, a dinnerware range for the health and social care sectors.

Sturdy, durable and virtually unbreakable, OMNI premium melamine dinnerware and drinking aids promote equality, maintain dignity, encourage independence, and wellbeing.

With discreet features designed to empower those who have difficulty in using traditional porcelain crockery or fine china, OMNI can be used by anyone, anywhere with confidence.

  • made from 100% food-safe premium melamine
  • BPA-free
  • melamine is a great insulator it keeps: hot food and drink warm, and cold food and drink cool
  • durable, strong and practically indestructible
  • has the appearance of porcelain
  • dishwasher safe
  • considerably reduces the impact of noise during service

If you require a custom piece or colour, our design team specialise in creating and producing new concepts from the ground-up.


A unique and innovatively designed premium melamine tableware solution to support independence and promote dignity within the healthcare sector

Eating With Omni

Fit for purpose healthcare dinnerware collection.

  • Lightweight, durable, food-safe melamine.
  • Deep internal wall to replace the need for a separate food bumper.
  • Sensory bumps for muscle memory.
  • Wide rim with underside lip to help grip.
  • Support handle for single-handed grip.
  • Silicone feet to prevent surface slipping.
  • Lower noise levels during food service.
  • High-contrast rim to assist visual impairment.

Omni Shallow Plates

Perfect for general service;

  • sturdy and durable so fewer breakages
  • lower noise levels during service than standard porcelain
  • designed to work with a standard cloche
  • a great insulator so no need to pre-heat
  • nestable for ease of storage

Omni Bowl

The perfect bowl for general service;

  • 400ml / 14oz capacity
  • great thermal properties to assist in keeping food warm or cold
  • wide, stable, self-righting shape
  • anti-slip silicone feet


OMNI Deep Edge Dinner Plate and Deep Edge Side Plate - replace the need to use a separate food bumper, the deep internal wall aids diners who may push food off the plate because of a lack of coordination, limited muscle control or dexterity.

  • stable anti-slip silicone feet
  • muscle memory sensory points
  • deep internal wall
  • wide rim for grip
  • nestable for ease of storage
  • a great insulator so no need to pre-heat
Omni-Eating-Feature Omni-Eating-Features

A fit for purpose healthcare dinnerware collection, with discreet features designed for disabled and elderly diners


Drinking With Omni

With discreet features designed for disabled and elderly diners.

  • Lightweight melamine
  • Use with hot or cold liquids
  • Smooth ergonomically designed handle
  • Discreet internal capacity markers to monitor hydration
  • Wide stable base
  • Heat guard inside of the handle
  • Secondary contact point to aid grip
  • Indented rest point for straws and easy removal of lids
  • A domed base for easy locating on a saucer
  • High-contrast handle to assist visual impairment
  • Cooler to touch than traditional porcelain or china

Omni Mug, Tea Cup and Saucer

Ideal for young and old;

  • 200ml (Tea Cup) and 300ml (Mug) capacity
  • ergonomically designed for independent drinking
  • discreet inner markings to monitor fluid intake
  • cool touch, stabilising secondary grip point
  • both work with OMNI Saucer

Designed to work with both the OMNI mug and tea cup.

  • raised domed base for ease of cup and mug location

Omni Drinking Aid

Fits both the OMNI cup and mug

  • available in two designs
  • sip lid with sip through hole
  • funnel lid with flow control
  • discreet design in durable silicone
  • can be used with hot or cold liquids
  • inwardly curved lid surface for nose space
  • reduces risk of spillage
  • drinking aperture controls flow of liquid intake

37% of over 65's are dehydrated on admission into care environments, it is crucial that healthcare providers encourage good hydration practices

Omni-Drinking-Feature Omni-Drinking-Features

Deep Edge Red Alzheimer’s and Dementia Plate

This purpose designed plate encourages food recognition and eating by Alzheimer’s and Dementia sufferers. This plate has a positive impact on the challenges of recognising food caused by visual impairment.

Design in mind

“Research by Boston University in 2004 has concluded that advanced Alzheimer’s patients’ struggle to process visual data—like contrast and depth perception when eating off standard white plates. Food intake increases by up to 25% and liquid intake increases by up to 83% when high-contrast tableware is used.”


Alzheimer’s and Dementia sufferer’s food intake increases by up to 25% when high-contrast tableware is used.



Should you have a need for a product and you are not sure how to get it made, talk to one of our specialists today about our product design service.

Our in-house design team specialises in designing and producing new products from the ground-up with a specification and purpose in mind.

We will work closely with you to understand exactly what you need and guide you through the process of concept design and production.

Our accreditations endorse our commitment to provide excellent products supported by a world-class design service.


Make your food service standout by giving it the finishing touch with Dalebrook’s design service


View the complete collection in our Omni Brochure.



Dalebrook's OMNI range has been named winners for The Caterer Magazine's 2018 Product Excellence Awards (PEAs). The PEAs recognise excellence and innovation in food, drink and equipment products.

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Customer Reviews

I have used all of the above for the last two weeks.

  1. Plate: the plate is a good size and useful for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It does not slide and stays exactly where you put it. I dropped the plate on my hard floor and it did not break or crack which is brilliant especially as I have carers and they are not always careful with things.
  2. Bowl: the bowl is all of the above the only criticism I have is I feel the bowl could be a little deeper for things like cereal and soup.
  3. Mug: The saucer that came with the mug is useful in that once the mug is on it, it does not move, I did try and pull it towards me but it would not move and it almost tipped over. I personally did not need to use the lid but I have a friend that uses the two handled plastic beakers with lids and he found it really useful, he had to get used to tipping it up quite a way before the tea came out. It was great that you could have it on the wheelchair tray and move around knowing that they would not slide off and stay exactly where they were put.

Overall the set is a very good idea for all ranges of disabilities. They are pleasing to the eye and others would not be aware they are specifically for disabled people. They are hard wearing, lightweight and were easy to clean. They still look brand new with no stains on them.

I think this is a good range and there is possibilities to have different colours and designs and would also be good for young children.

Thank you for letting me try these items and I hope the above feedback is useful for you.

If you would like to leave a customer review about any of our products, please email marketing@dalebrook.com