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Buffet Stands

Dalebrook’s Buffet Stands are as clever as they are attractive. The durable stands can be flipped to work with a whole host of Dalebrook bowls and platters, helping keep display arrangements exciting and versatile. See below for product details.


Products available

SKU TB3600
Description Black Circular Buffet Stand
Dimensions 430 x 221 x 378mm
Sold in cases of Each
Inner Qty 1
Outer Qty 6
SKU TB3500
Description Black Mini Circular Buffet Stand
Dimensions 283 x 196 x 256mm
Sold in cases of Each
Inner Qty 1
Outer Qty 6
SKU TB3200
Description Black Rectangular Buffet Stand
Dimensions 306 x 256 x 54mm
Sold in cases of Each
Inner Qty 1
Outer Qty 6



Made with Steel

Our buffet stands are made of powder coated matt black steel, able to withstand years of heavy use without fear of breakages. Both our circular and rectangular buffet stands are robust, lightweight and stylish making them perfect for the catering industry.

Product Features



The tapered design means that these products can be stacked for easy transportation. Just three stacked will save you over 50% of your space compared to non-stackable alternatives. When not in use they can quickly be stored with no fuss.


Multiple uses

Our in-house design team worked hard to make sure that this product can be used in multiple ways. The larger end is designed to hold a variety of Dalebrook’s larger plates and bowls whilst the other end can make a showcase of smaller versions. It can also be stood upright to be used withtrays and platters, perfect for presenting afternoon tea.

Use with

TB3600 - Black Circular Buffet Stand - 430 x 221 x 378mm

SKU Desciption
TB1440 Black Matt Melamine Oxford Large Tray
TGT1440 Granite Effect Melamine Oxford Large Tray
SKU Description
TMA3145 13.5" White Carrara Melamine Pizza Platter
TBMA3145 13.5" Black Carrara Melamine Pizza Platter
TRW3145 13.5" Rustic Wood Melamine Pizza Platter
SKU Desciption
TBL1630 Blue Casablanca Melamine Bowl (6L)
TG1630 Green Casablanca Melamine Bowl (6L)
TGY1630 Grey Casablanca Melamine Bowl (6L)
TOR1630 Orange Casablanca Melamine Bowl (6L)
TR1630 Red Casablanca Melamine Bowl (6L)
TBL1631 Blue Casablanca Melamine Bowl (3.5L)
TG1631 Green Casablanca Melamine Bowl (3.5L)
TGY1631 Grey Casablanca Melamine Bowl (3.5L)
TOR1631 Orange Casablanca Melamine Bowl (3.5L)
TR1631 Red Casablanca Melamine Bowl (3.5L)

TB3500 - Black Mini Circular Buffet Stand - 283 x 196 x 256mm

SKU Desciption
TB1450 1/3 Black Melamine Deluxe Thin Rim Gastro Tray
TB9724 Stave Melamine Paddle Platter
TCN9213 1/3 Melamine Urban Slab
TWB9613 1/3 Melamine Wood Bark Effect Platter
GN11/2B 2/4 Glazz Gastro Platter
SL11/2 2/4 SlateLook Gastro Platter
SKU Description
TB9731 Stave Melamine Round Platter
TBS3285 Slate Effect Melamine Round Platter
TBMA3028 Black Carrara Melamine Round Platter
TMA3028 White Carrara Melamine Round Platter
TRW3028 Rustic Wood Melamine Round Platter
SKU Desciption
TAQ4707 Aqua Pigment Oval Melamine Bowl (4L)
TB4707 Noir Pigment Oval Melamine Bowl (4L)
TBL4707 Indigo Pigment Oval Melamine Bowl (4L)
TCM4707 Parchment Pigment Oval Melamine Bowl (4L)
TGY4707 Agate Grey Pigment Oval Melamine Bowl (4L)
TAQ4710 Aqua Mineral Crackle Glaze Melamine Plate
TB4710 Noir Mineral Crackle Glaze Melamine Plate
TBL4710 Indigo Mineral Crackle Glaze Melamine Plate
TCM4710 Parchment Mineral Crackle Glaze Melamine Plate
TGY4710 Agate Grey Mineral Crackle Glaze Melamine Plate

TB3200 - Black Rectangular Buffet Stand - 306 x 256 x 54mm

SKU Desciption
TB1490 1/2 Black Melamine Deluxe Thin Rim Gastro Tray
T1890 1/2 White Melamine Deluxe Gastro Tray
TB1890 1/2 Black Melamine Deluxe Gastro Tray
TB9712 1/2 Melamine Stave Platter
TBS9912 1/2 Melamine Slate Effect Platter
TRW9912 1/2 Melamine Rustic Wood Effect Platter
GL1/2B 1/2 Glazz Gastro Platter
SL1/2 1/2 SlateLook Gastro Platter
SKU Description
TCN9212 1/2 Melamine Urban Slab

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