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Dalebrook has consciously moved towards a more environmentally secure culture and brought to market a viable solution with HU, supporting our commitment to sustainability and producing environmentally friendly products.
Clever and intuitive design features ensure HU range is a complete solution for food service with its closed loop system 

  • stackable it will save you storage space.
  • transportable thanks to the innovative interlocking base and lids
  • attractive to display in your refrigerated unit
  • washable thanks to its designed surface run off


With its durability and reusable solution, HU range is eliminating single takeaway products within the B&I and education sectors and thus, reducing packaging waste to zero and removing all associated costs due to transportation, logistics, administration and waste management.


HU follows three core design values:

  • Human: HU is intuitive, friendly and functional for both diners and back-of-house staff. HU is easy to pack, clean, store and serve food in.
  • Humble: HU is the canvas, and the food is the art. We aimed for a responsible, practical, and timeless design capable of working in multiple environments and encouraged the reuse message.
  • Hunger: HU's significant purpose is to feed people and rid them of hunger. At the same time, creating engagement and focus on their mealtimes. Eating with your eyes is undoubtedly true, but you still need dinnerware that can keep up with your work lifestyle.

Two extra features:

HU's mini pots are perfect for sauces and nibbles. Its modular design can attach itself to any lid, adding that extra something to a dish when you want it.
The HU’s flat lid design maximises food visibility and seals meals maintaining fresh food for longer, helping reduce overall food waste and the use of clingfilm.



Product Features

Dalebrook's Premium Melamine is strong. It has a high level of resistance to splitting and chipping and will retain its colour and finish even after hundreds of dishwasher cycles. Highly break and scratch resistant, It will not chip or shatter.
Dalebrook’s Premium Melamine can withstand the pressures of daily cleaning by commercial dishwashers. Melamine’s excellent heat retaining and insulating properties means that products dry faster than traditional serveware or dinnerware.
100% melamine has better temperature retention than ceramics and tempered glass and can withstand food and drink temperatures from -20°C to 120°C (-4°F to 248°F). Melamine is a great insulator and remains cool to the touch, even when hot food is dished into it.