Contract Catering


Contract Catering

Dalebrook Supplies Ltd offers the latest in creative yet functional contract catering supplies, all available for free next day delivery! Dalebrook offers contract catering supplies to suit every need and purpose from the essentials of cutlery to display packaging. Browse through our ideal contract catering range, such as the innovative Glazz range and the trendy Enamelware collection. Give your produce the high-end finishing touches it deserves and perfect its look with our bar sets including tura and mezze. Impress clients with our wide selection of sophisticated display bowls, chunky crock range and quirky products such as the flip top pots and miniature displays which are sure to be loved and a talking point for your clients and guests. Dalebrook Supplies Ltd. offers you the best in contract catering supplies all in one place and - best of all - everything's available for free next day delivery!

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